Friday, April 3, 2009

Spring Clean!

It's time ladies. Spring has sprung and little leaves are popping out on the branches long barren, flowers are shooting up from the winter rest and our houses need to be thrown open, shook out and wiped clean of the dreary winter. The nest we so cheerfully embraced last fall as a shelter from the cold and fortress from the harsh outside world has grown a bit stale and as the keeper of this nest we must renew her beauty. The heavy quilts are ready to give up their post to lighter covers, the flannel sheets are worn and ready to surrender to light cotton as well.
This week I will 'try' to post about a different room each day, sharing tips, ideas and good common sense.

Spring Clean List:

Monday - Kitchen & Dinning Room
Tuesday - Bedrooms
Wednesday - Bathrooms
Thursday - Living/ Family Room
Friday - Closets & Storage Room
Saturday - Gardens/Porches
Sunday - Rest and enjoy your home and family...


Kim M. said...

Looking forward to your tips and ideas :-)

Olivia said...

We'll start on Monday...:O)