Friday, May 22, 2009

Submissive Daughterhood part 1

I believe that a very important part of our lives is being submissive in the calling God called us to.

It does not do to just cook, clean and wear modest clothing because our moms do that. Our hearts must be in it! We are to be in the world but not of it. And this means rejecting the cultural pull of being a 'true' woman.

The world's woman says "Go out, be like a man! Prove that you will not bow to submission!" The world's woman hates the word submission. They believe it is a weakness to show that you will obey your authority. Right now, for most of us, we are in submission to our fathers. Or are we? I constantly have to do a heart check to myself. "Am I being cheerful in the tasks my father gives me? Am I embracing femininity and gentleness like my father desires?" I could go on and on. This is a matter that we must pray about. Because only with God's strength can we accomplish the impossible.

My goal is to be a light unto the world, to show how wonderful submission to your fathers is. And above all, to show Christ in all my words, in my behavior, and in my dress. In our culture today, it is the' fad' to be sloppy in dress and behavior. It is rare to see a quiet, graceful, gentle young woman, without a gob of make-up. I just want to strive to honor the Lord with every part of my being.

There are so many rewards to being submissive to our fathers. One later in life, is trusting and being submissive to your father's decision on your future spouse. God has given our fathers the wisdom to guide us as we seek a marriage partner. And in being submissive, we are rewarded with a lifelong spouse that loves us. I know that I am not always going to like what my father decides, but it is for my good, my happiness and my future. Life is so much sweeter when we know we are in submission to our fathers and God.


Kim M. said...

Wow Bria, What a lovely, Christ honoring post. I hope my boys meet someone like you one day.

Olivia said...

Great post Bria!