Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fathers, Daughters and Trust

I was reading the book "Before you meet Prince Charming" the other day and it made me think of my future. Not as in dreaming about who I will marry, but when the time arises and a man approaches my father; will I trust him to make the right decision? I am guilty of doubting my father on many issues. If I cannot trust him on the small things in life, how will I be able to trust him with my future?
It is vital for us as young women to obey and have a deep trust in the Lord and our fathers whom he placed over us.

Giving courtship as an example. You get that butterfly feeling in you when you find out about a young man interested in you. You court for three months, and perhaps you see a few minor red flags go up in your heart, but pass it off as "Nah, he can fix those later." Your father is observing this and comes to you saying that he feels that God is telling him not to let the courtship continue. Blinded by your cares for this man you want to fight back. But that is when the trust welded together by you and your father comes in. Deep in your heart you know your father is right. That is when we let go and trust.

Another area is when our father's are concerned about time and what we spend doing. What are we doing? "You need to stay off the internet more and endeavor to learn things that help you in the future, movies and books and Facebook won't help you with nurturing children or becoming a proverbs 31 woman." If your father says things like this, it means he loves you so much and wants your trust and obedience. And trust me ladies, I am at fault in areas of spending my time. One of my resolutions is to better use my time. And watch the books I read. I think there are phases in life that we go through. A bad phase of mine at age 14 was romance novels. Oh I justified myself by promptly stating that they were Christian. But all the same they painted an unrealistic picture of romance, boy meets girl they go get married type of pictures.

There are more things than just young men that we must guard our hearts against. Pray, read the Bible, and entrust yourself to your father's guidance. Ask him to help you and pray for you. I have heard many times "If you are so busy doing the good things that matter, the bad things won't have time to get in the way." It is so true! If we focus on serving our families and parents and others and God, doing what I like to call 'Kingdom work', we won't have time to do the useless things that never make a hill of beans.

Perhaps that is why I like the more practical days of the pioneers, they worked with joy in their families, and their work kept them busy and happy. Computers, phones, texting, advanced technology; I think has a huge part in leading us astray.

But you might be asking yourself "How do I learn more about helping my father and placing my trust in him?"
A few websites and books you need to get:

'Before you meet Prince Charming' by Sarah Mally
'So Much More' by the Botkin girls
'I kissed dating Goodbye' by Joshua Harris
'Raising Maidens of Virtue' by Stacy Macdonald

A few websites:

I hope I have been of some help and encouragement, don't give in to despair! With the grace and help of the Lord, Satan will not prevail.


Kim M. said...

Enjoyed this post!

Nana said...

I have heard of this book. Great thoughts here.

Sarah B. said...

Wonderful thoughts Bria, and very encouraging.

Joanne_15 said...

I don't have a father... He left when I was three. Hmm... it's not something I feel I have suffered much from, at least not the last five years, but when you put it that way...