Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crawford Update

It's almost been over a month since the storm and considering our situation those long weeks ago, we are doing very well. The body of Christ has not ceased in pouring blessings as we tried to find a place to temporarily live while rebuilding.
We have recently been blessed with a fifteen passenger van, and as you can see we were in desperate need of one.
Also a small but very cozy cabin that is only three miles from our grandparents.
And my dear friend and history teacher brought a bookshelf full of classics and all sorts of history. (Thank you Mrs. Diamond!!!) I think our bookcases
with the books is what I'm mourning the most possession wise.

What I'm most thankful for our here in our little nook in the forest is the beauty. There are trees! And flowers and birds chirping, and green lush plants. And it's also on the river so we've had the blessing of being able to swim and have fun on the water.
Ashton and Alexa have had fun catching the river fish.

Ashton speared this carp with a, uh (cough) three-pronged metal tikitorch holder. :) Go figure how he did it! It was just really near the shore and he was wading and grabbed the nearest thing available.

And Alexa caught both of these aligator gar with a net as she was wading.

We are now in the process of drawing blueprints to start rebuilding. Again we have been showered with blessings concerning construction for the house. A whole crew of volunteers from Extreme Ministries has offered to see us through construction as soon as it starts.

It has been quite challenging to try and redesign a house, although it's now reaching the fun point. Mom especially is getting really excited about new ways to decorate and things we can change that weren't convenient before.

The Lee family is settled in a very nice, large house with multiple acres for the children to play on. The other families that were with us that night had minimal amount of damage to their homes and are slowly getting back to normal.
THIS is the Lee's blog if anyone wants a place to get updates on them. Please still be in prayer for their family. If you read Mrs. Lee's recent post she tells about the three older kids that were injured and their progress.

Thank you again dear friends for all your labor and support. You will never know how much it has meant to us.

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Wiola said...

It seems like a relaxing place, especially now in the Summer. :) It would be lovely to start the day with a swim in the lake! It's good that you have so close to the forest. In some way I find a promenade in the forest to be like a walking healing meditation. :) It's really refreshing with the fresh air and the nature.

Btw. it does sound like a beautiful place (so be sure to take a lot of photos). Is there really something more beautiful than the nature? I think not. :D