Saturday, December 31, 2011

My White Christmas

My family and I had the blessing of being able to take a vacation from all the chaos and work for Christmas and to visit family. Pagosa Springs Colorado is so beautiful in December.

Mom sledding! This is rare people!

The two cutie pies in the car. Traveling wasn't as bad as I had prepared for. All the kids were did very well for a thirty hour trip.

Dad was apparently trying not to look like someone was pulling his hair.

At the Big Texas for supper. A bluegrass group went around to everyone's table and played any requests.
And we couldn't leave without a photo in the giant rocker.
(My grandparents accompanied us)

Mom Christmas morning after opening her dream come true. Dark chocolate truffles.

Yours truly snow boarding and sledding. I still can't believe how many muscles throbbed after those activities.

My two handsome brothers.

Left to right. My brother, dad, grandfather, and uncle after a day of snowmobiling.

All the kids learned to snow board and I was astounded how experienced they became after such a short time. This is my five and ten year old sisters.

The scenery in New Mexico is beautiful. But very lonely. We drove for dozens of miles at a time without seeing anything but snow capped, lifeless plains.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family and celebrating our Savior.

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Emily, wife of Jeremy said...

Oh what wonderful memories. I have always wanted to learn to snowboard. I used to love to snow ski but never got around to snowboarding. Lord willing, one day I'll have the chance.....of course by then this mama's body of many might not be up for it. : )