Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Journey Home

After almost a year, endless work, many tears and longing for home ...our journey has brought my family to our beloved valley again.
We officially moved in this past Friday night to our dream, rustic home. I can't express the joy we all feel. Even though we don't have a routine and 'normalcy' hasn't exactly moved in with us, we all have a sense of peace about us again.

As we go through recovered belongings, it is bittersweet to find certain things that had value behind them.
While rummaging through salvaged keepsakes, I found our old clock that had been on the kitchen wall that was ripped away. It had stopped at the time of the tornado. It is now sitting in our kitchen as a memorable reminder of April 27th, 6:20p.m.
This is our spacious living room, dining room and kitchen.
It was very special to be sitting around our old table at our first meal Friday. To be united with home and make it ours again.
Mom and I can't keep ourselves out of the kitchen right now. It's so wonderful to have so much space. The salvaged, pallet counter-tops make it even more delightful.
And if the joy of moving home wasn't enough, my dear, wonderful parents surprised and blessed me and my sisters (we all play the piano) Friday afternoon by bringing in a brand new upright piano. Of course we had no idea about any of it. The delivery men arrived when I was downstairs and the timing was impeccable as I came upstairs just as the piano came inside the door.

I was so shocked and excited I started crying. (The delivery guys and some guys helping just stood there looking at me like "So it's a piano, what's the big deal?":D) Dad wrapped his arms around me and just smiled.
It is wonderful to have access to beautiful sounding music again. For the pasts six months we had been playing our salvaged electric piano that only half played and was no joy to play at all. It was by far, the most stupendous, wonderful gift to be given.

(I apologize for being so late on an update. We have not had internet for six days.)
More pictures and updates to come!
If you would like to see more pictures you may go here to my mother's blog.


Anonymous said...

What a great blessing to be in your own home again. I hope your family will have many, many happy years there.



Sophia Smithe said...

Lovely home! Wonderful kitchen! Living in a travel trailer has made me appreciate the simple blessings of life! :-)