Friday, May 4, 2012

Another Peek into Home

Thought it was time for a few updates on our home.
I was finally able to make progress on the library shelves! I love it when books have a home.
And of course my room would not be complete without a bookcase. I desperately needed one and didn't want to trouble dad with it. I found some left over pallets so this is what I came up with. 
The magnum opus of my bathroom decor. Vinyl sticker from T.J. Max.
View of my room. Still a few things left to complete.

My sweet brother building a playhouse for the kids. Before the storm he had build this amazing tree house for them and since we don't have any more trees he devoted himself to this project. 

We recently were able to finally complete the clean up of our back yard that still had leftovers of the storm and things we didn't know what to do with. Help from some good friends and a skid steer improved it greatly. Now for grass.

As this sunset portrays the beauty within the destruction I am constantly reminded of God's unfailing grace. He has been so good to us.

How precious is your unfailing love, O God! All men find shelter in the shadow of your wings. 
Psalm 36:7 


Chris said...

Wow! It's looking great! Is yours the only finished room downstairs? Y'all should come over and see our kitchen. It's almost done and looks amazing!

Bria said...

Thanks. Well mine is the only bedroom done, and we finished the laundry room. Downstairs is our next project now that the upstairs is mostly done.
Yeah, Beth was telling me about the progress. We'd love to see it!

Kim M. said...

It looks beautiful, Bria!