Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Family Movie Review: The Bourne Legacy

Everything has a worldview ingrained in it. Every form of art has a message. And lately I haven't watched a movie without questioning the message it sends.

I watched the forth installment of the popular Bourne series when it came out.  As with the last three Bourne movies, this one did not disappoint with superb acting, action, and wrapping up the story. Jeremy Renner delivered an excellent performance. There were however a few aspects of it I didn't like. 

If you haven't seen the last three, the basic jist of the story line is the CIA has developed agents that are able to kill anyone the CIA desires. The CIA mostly deals in political assassinations. The agents such as Bourne, never questioned this before. It's part of their training. Kill without question. They were trained to be emotionless and to feel nothing about the people they harmed, innocent or not. But Bourne comes to realize that what he's doing is wrong. It's a lifestyle he was forced into by emotion being beaten out of him. He wants to get away from his job and find out who he really is. Bourne asks another agent who is trying to kill him at one point "Do you even know why you're supposed to kill me? Look what they've done to us."  

In the Bourne Legacy, we see a new group of agents, like Bourne, only these guys are black ops, with enhanced physical and mental abilities through medication. The main agent, Aaron Cross is one of nine. But suddenly the agency that employs them is in danger of being exposed and shut down. The agency decides to get rid of all evidence-the nine agents. So Aaron is on the run for his life. In order to get rid of the agents, the CIA must also erase the people who are helping enhance the agents-the scientists. One scientist escapes after a near death experience in which Aaron saves her, because he believes she is his only hope in figuring out what is happening and how to fix it. 

The biggest thing I have is all the killing that goes on in this movie. Obviously death is a large part of this series and it pricks your conscience. Aaron does quite a bit of killing and dealing injuries himself. He also kills a woman, granted she was an assassin trying to kill him but I still have a problem with that. That's almost a whole other discussion. 

So basically Aaron didn't run from the program because he disagreed with it, rather he's just trying to stay alive. Which in the movie it gives the picture that Aaron doesn't even know what he's supposed to be doing. As if he had never been assigned to kill. I want to say that he was still in training because he kept asking "What is it we do?" 

The language was a bit offensive for PG-13. Some strong words used that were offensive. (Spoiler, a slight romance is going on. But any girl would naturally love the guy that saves her life three times:D)  No offensive material involved with the romance though. I do like how Aaron feels a big responsibility in keeping Dr. Marta safe.

Overall, it was pretty good and gave a satisfactory ending. I won't spoil it but there was redemption. But I would say only a mature audience needs to watch it. It well earns the PG-13 rating. 

Language: Moderate
Indecency: Mild
Violence: Heavy

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