Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm Headed to Peru!

 I have the opportunity this May, with our church, to assist Peru Missions in building a church. 

I'm excited, nervous and grateful all at once since this is my first mission trip and I will be going without my family. I'm excited to be a part of building a new church and to see what the Lord has in store for us as we seek to serve there. I would greatly appreciate your prayers.

If you are interested in investing in this work, I would greatly appreciate your donation. I must raise $2,000 for the trip before May. There are a number of ways I plan to earn and save, but giving others the chance to "love in word and deed" is one of them.

Thank you for your prayers and for your willingness to consider financially assisting this mission project. I am fully confident that God will provide.

I'm happy to say that my Spanish lessons are going quite well, as I've mastered Feliz Navidad as well as a love song in the language. I'm eager to see how these will serve me on the mission field. ;-)


Mrs. Claudia Evans said...


It seems to me that your mission field at home has been a perfect training ground for your mission in Peru! Thank you for allowing others to participate who are unable to physically go to the mission. "Faithful is He that calleth you, who also will do it." 1 Thess. 5:24 Claudia :)

Bubblesandblessings2014 said...

Dios le bendiga! Exodo 33:14 :)