Thursday, March 20, 2014

5 Tips for the Perfectionist to Vacation in Peace

In packing for a trip with my family this weekend, I was preaching these things to myself in order to not be Johnny rain cloud with my perfectionist habits on our vacation. Not sure if they apply to every perfectionist but they are biggies for me.

1. It's OK if everything doesn't have a place. Come's the one place where you shouldn't have a place for everything. Take a break!

2. Stop cleaning! Just stop it. I drive my family nuts when it's 8:00pm and they're kicking back and I'm a busy bee picking up shoes and toys and making sure everything looks nice. Messes are necessary sometimes.   

3. Be OK with kids/siblings watching movies and doing absolutely nothing. Remember, this is suppose to be a break from regular routine. 

4. Be OK with not getting dressed before ten. And stop telling others to get dressed. Cause I have a secret, the world will be OK if you have a pajama morning! 

5. Relax. Only take fiction books and your Bible. Leave studying behind. Soak up God's goodness in giving you a break from schedules. 

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