Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Movie Review: The Young Victoria

I was so excited about this movie! It came out when I was in England in March.
I was very satisfied that they hardly strayed from Queen Victoria's true story. Though I was upset
that they left out the fact that she leaned heavily on God throughout her rule.

Victoria was eleven when she learned she was in line of succession to the throne of England. She was eighteen when she took her place on the throne. Victoria acknowledged she was young and inadequate to fully fill her role, but she was determined to learn and guide her country to her utmost ability.

With no father to guide or protect her, Victoria had to endure the constant badgering of her political 'adviser' Sir John Conroy and mother who constantly attempted to get Victoria to sign over her power as queen because he deemed her too young to know anything about ruling a country. Her mother stood by and allowed and supported Conroy in his badgering Victoria and in her early years of rule, Victoria despised that her mother allowed Conroys treatment.

Meanwhile Victoria's uncle who was King of the Belgians sent Victoria's cousin Prince Albert to England in attempts to make a match between them for political advantages. Victoria and Albert were soon spending lots of time together and and both felt and discussed with one another that they were being used like chess pieces.
I won't give the whole story away but I think you'll be satisfied!

Victoria was the longest reigning monarch in England, her rule going from 1836-1901.

This is not exactly a family film, but would be perfect for a girl's night.

Indecency: It was PG but had some content pertaining to a married couple that girls under thirteen probably shouldn't witness.
Violence: Political turmoil and angry public, a character is shot, some blood shown
Language: One use of D**n
Age interest 13-adult

For details on it you may go HERE to the website


Livi said...

I so badly want to see this movie!!

Kim M. said...

oh thanks! I will add it to my Netflix queu if they have it! I love the period BBC dramas