Monday, November 30, 2009

The Twilight Saga...

I'm sure you have heard of this unbelievably popular series of books and now movies. It is not just a flighty fancy, it has become obsession to the readers.

Deuteronomy 12:23 states "Only be sure that thou eat not the blood: for the blood is the life; and thou mayest not eat the life with the flesh."
The fiction Vampires completely defy this,because we Christians are saved by the BLOOD of Jesus Christ.

To sum up the whole saga-Forbidden love, Vampires, supernatural beings, wolverines, feuds, betrayals, hate, murder. Although I have not personally read the books or watched the movies I know enough about this to say that I never want to. What is desirable about a relationship that can never be, or if it can, forsaking everything around you? Or is that the desirable part of it? Rebelling against everything?

I like the way the Botkin girls give their opinion of the author and her characters...

"We have a few theories. Though Stephanie Meyer is not a brilliant author,
she knows how to make an illicit romance with a vampire look like a clean,
pro-abstinence story of unconditional love and good vs. evil (and convince even
Christians.) [3]

We believe her greatest genius, though, is her keen intuition into the sin

nature and fleshly desires of women. Being, ourselves, young women in her target
demographic, we know Twilight presents a very attractive alternate
universe to tempt any girl’s flesh: a self-centered, autonomous life, a
self-gratifying romance, and no real-world responsibilities or consequences.
Best of all, the perfection of the hero has no human limitations. Move
over, Mr. Darcy – with your every earthly quality, you’re still only human. Mr.
Cullen is superhumanly handsome, brilliant, strong, rich, romantic, and
most of all, superhumanly capable of unconditional love. He even has the
“bad-boy” appeal of being a blood-lusting creature of the underworld, but with
the impeccable Victorian manners and sensitive feminine feelings of the “good
boy.” Half-demon, half-angel; there’s something for everyone in Edward

Of course, intrinsic to Edward’s irresistible allure is the sheer,

titillating “forbidden” factor. Twilight’s now-iconic cover art
portrays the hands of a young girl holding an apple, an allusion to Eve’s
contemplating the forbidden fruit – a metaphor for Bella’s temptation for an
unthinkable relationship with a vampire. The message of the cover is perfectly
apropos; the choice presented, however, is before more than just Bella, Twilight’s protagonist. Will we fall into our own love affair with
Edward Cullen? Will we succumb to the charms of fantasy men in fantasy worlds"

I know the Twilight Saga is only fiction but people have turned it into reality and obsession. And comparing many things in life to it. We cannot let ourselves be caught in the trap of the world of fiction, romance, an unreal world and witchcraft.


Nana said...

I so agree with you here. A lot of people have asked me what I think of Twilight. I should just write a post on of these days.

Maddy said...

I just can't believe that Christain people would watch somthing so vile...How does this bring glory to Christ or even line up with his word?
I know we are all human, but it is very sad that we as humans are led astray so easy