Monday, December 19, 2011

Memories that Linger...

These are a collection of hilarious things the kids (and I) have said from my and my mom's journal.

Bria 11 years old- "Mom, your more predicted (addicted) to that fudge than I am!"

Avalee the serious 6 year old...She says to mom "Did you know I'm 66?" Mom said "What makes you 66?" She replied "Because I'm a hobbit." Mom asked "What makes you a hobbit?" Avi replies "Because I'm little like one!"

Brooks 5 years old, and the quiet one...A UPS truck goes by "Hey mom there goes the box man!"

It was close to bed time. Mom and Avalee and I were talking; Avalee commented that she had an earache, mom inquired how bad. Avi replied "Like four miles!"

Bria- 6 years old and very pouty "When I grow up I'm not gonna live here." Mom-"Why not?"
"Because it's not fun. And I'm taking my toys with me too!"

Words Ashton would say incorrectly: Lucky Charms-Yucky Charms. Computer-Papooter. Rice out of a bowl-puggled up. Racoon-Racaroon

Ashton 2 years old "It was an ackskindent (accident)"

Avalee 6 years old...We all had colds and were sitting on the porch with mom. Avalee came outside and wrapped her arms around the porch support pillar and was about to cough but suddenly turned to mom and asked "If I cough will the porch get sick?"

Bria- 9 years old... To mom "Why do you have to be so careful and tedious? What does tedious mean?"

Ashton 2 years old... "Mom I want my bread rusted!" (translation "toasted")

Ashton 3 years old had a moment of epiphany We were sitting around the dinner table. I was singing "Away in a Manger" as I cleaned the table. Ashton questioned, in an unusually southern accent: "Dad, you mean-the wittle Woord Jesus-lay on cow hay?"

Bria-10 years old I was eating pickles at dinner and dad commented on how many I had eaten. I responded "I was born eating pickles and I'll die eating em!" (Which is proving to be true!)

Alexa 4 years old while eating lunch "Honey is good for you because bees don't know to put sugar in do they know that anyway?"

Kyla 3 years old..."I'm taking my blanket so I can suck my thumb." Mom: "You don't suck your thumb." Kyla: "I like to. It's for getting my hopes up!" (Translation, it makes one happy.)

Avalee 5 years old...We stopped for breakfast while traveling to Colorado and Avalee still sleepy eyed looked at our waitress and explained "We can't find Colorado!"

Mallie 3 years old...Everyone had gathered at the dinner table, and we were about to pray when Mallie stood up and covering her eyes said "Hey tawn on de wights!"

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Chris said...

Hahaha! My favorites were said by Avalee. "I'm a hobbit..." and "Can't find Colorado..." Too funny!

Y'all have a merry Christmas!