Thursday, December 8, 2011

Press On

"Our rotten culture didn't come out of nowhere. It came because Christian families forsook their first duty and abandoned their homes to the enemy. Let us return to our homes and rebuild a vision for godly descendants that stretches into the future...If we want to see our culture redeemed and made beautiful and pure once again, we must return to the "old paths" spoken of in Jeremiah 6:16. It is only there that we will find "rest for our souls." We must be willing to be considered foolish by the worlds. We must be willing to die to self. It is only when we die that we find true life.
Our question now must be, will we serve? Will we continue to press on and win the race? Will we see our work for what it is-a multi-generational plan to build Christ's kingdom, advance the gospel and create beautiful cultures? Or will we become shortsighted and narrow in our vision, like a mule behind blinders? Will we complain that we do not receive the recognition we "deserve" in this life? What can that recognition matter when we are aiming for the prize of Christ's "Well done, thou good and faithful servant.?"
From Queen of the Home compiled by Jennifer M. McBride.

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Sophia Merie said...

A wonderful quote indeed. Sadly, not many people today realize the truth of this statement. May we continue to press on and redeem the culture for Christ through the means He has prescribed! Thanks for this great post! ~Sophia