Sunday, February 26, 2012

Guest Post: Communism in the Cartoon

A knock sounded on the door, “Livy? You in there? I come in?” I opened the door to the biggest grin her little face could hold. “Whatcha doin’?” She questioned as she snuggled her warm, little body closer. “Can we watch a movie? Just a lil’ one!” My mind scrambled, short innocent movie suitable for a 5 year old?? Then it came to me, my favorite cartoon from my childhood, she’ll love it! The Smurfs! Who wouldn’t love the little blue people? I search youtube looking for a 10 minute clip. Finally I find my favorite one, Jokeys’ Funny Bone. I was way more excited about than Mallie was.
About half way through it, I start freaking out. Epiphanies are not calm episodes for me.


I felt cheated, lied to, gullible. I had been fed a line of garbage as “fun” and “cute”. Poor Mallie didn’t know what was happening, she knows now that everyone should not be the same color and that everyone should not have the same size house. After lecturing the poor 5 year old on why the cartoon was not okay she decided to go play with the other kids.

Think about it; everyone, except Papa Smurf, is the same color and wears the same uniform. A classless society where everyone lives in the same size house and does the work assigned by Papa Smurf.

Anything that is art form, has a bias.

"When art is involved people tend to insert their political views as much as possible. When it comes to entertainment, people let their guard down, they relax in more than the physical sense of the word. Art form (which involves media/entertainment) influences more people, with less effort than any sermon could ever achieve." Olivia @ She Considers


Sophia Smithe said...

Very true. I just returned from a fulfilling weekend at the SAICFF, and I was reminded afresh of the fact that not one aspect of our lives (not even little cartoons) is neutral. We must keep our eyes and ears open!

Maddy said...

I'm not a Smurf fan anyway, but we get the point! I had never even thought of that! Thanks for the thoughts!