Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Movie Review ~ Dolphin Tale

Inspired by a true story, Dolphin Tale is a wonderful, wholesome, family movie that everyone will enjoy. One day, a ten year old boy named Sawyer, stumbles upon an injured dolphin on the beach tangled in a crab trap and says with it until the local marine rescuers arrive.
Sawyer finds where Winter has been taken and is soon a member of Clearwater staff along with home schooling ten year old Hazel, his new found friend. But Winter' cannot fight the infection from her tale having circulation cut off too long. Eventually it's removed and Winter must learn to swim without the use of a tale.
Sawyer, who has been lonely and reclusive ever since his father left and never returned, has found something in Winter and the staff at the Clearwater hospital that opens him up to being social again, and gives him a desire to help Winter and save the Clearwater hospital which is in danger of being shut down. After word of Winter's unique disability gets out, children and adults alike with major disabilities are anxious to see the dolphin that's "just like them".
Although Winter has learned to swim with her disability, her side to side movement with her stump is damaging the spine, which could lead to paralysis or death.
Dr. Mcarthy (Morgan Freeman) a local prosthetics doctor agrees to help create a new tale for Winter. But the multiple attempts with a tale are proving unsuccessful, and Winter is running out of time as well as Clearwater's money. Will either be saved?

This is one of the best family movies I've seen in a while that is not just rank with objectionable material. Great for family movie night.

(Although this movie has environmentalist undertones, it is not extreme like some movies.)
Indecency:. Brief scene with a woman's strapless dress, shirtless men at swimming competition. Sawyer goes behind his mother's back to do something and talks back to her.
Violence: Glimpse of injured dolphin with a little blood
Language: 1 use of crappy, shoot, and 2 Oh my gosh.
Age Interest: 6-adult


Maddy said...

Would you watch it again some day?

Bria Crawford said...

Are you asking as in is it good enough to watch twice? Yes I believe so. It's one of those movies where you don't actually have to sit there and monitor the scenes for kids.