Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Dear Friend,

Dear Bria,
You are a true friend and sister in Christ to me. I love every moment we are together and I love talking to you over the phone. Happy 18th Birthday dear friend!!! May the Lord bless your coming year, and many afterwards!
Love, Jessica

18 things you might not know about Bria:
  1. She has loving heart that is easily touched.
  2. She has a love affair with chocolate
  3. She is witty and has a love of humor
  4. She has a love affair with coffee
  5. She loves to smile
  6. She has a love affair with books
  7. She loves photography and capturing the intimate and forgotten moments.
  8. She inspires me.
  9. She loves her Lord and Savior deeply
  10. She has a poet's heart
  11. She loves being a stay at home daughter
  12. She has passion for femininity and everything beautiful.
  13. She loves singing, playing the piano, the violin, and the mandolin
  14. She has many thoughts and loves to express them!
  15. She is now old enough to vote (watch out, here she comes!)
  16. She is a great big sister and mother's helper
  17. She strives deeply to touch those around her with her actions
  18. She is a young woman of the Lord and a true sister in Christ

Happy Birthday Bria!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! My daughters and I are coming to the Living A Legacy Conference, so we will look forward to meeting you.
Blessings on your special day.


Bria Crawford said...

So, you hacked my blog again Jess? Well, if ya gotta be hacked, better to be by such a sweet, kind friend. Thank you!

Bri said...

Aw, happy (late) birthday, Bria!
Oh, and... I share all your "love affairs", heehee :)! That was funny :)...
God bless!!!

Maddy said...

Too funny! Love you, sweet friend!

Sophia Smithe said...

Happy Birthday to Bria, my blogger friend! I hope that someday we can become more than just blogger friends! :-)
My 18th birthday was back in June and it was one of the most memorable times of my life. The older I get the more I am grateful beyond words for all the blessings that my Heavenly Father has given me. May we always be young women of gratitude!

In Christ,