Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I have a Confession..a Really Embarrassing one

It's after midnight and I'm nearing the point of delirium. I feel very stupid admitting this but someone ought to get a kick out of it. Here goes... I'm terrified of the dark.

You can start laughing now. Yes, yes, I know. I'm eighteen and should be well over imagining ghosts and the boogeyman. It gets better. My terror first started when I was sixteen, after I watched 'The Village'. You have to watch it to understand.  Ever since that, my already highly imaginative brain tripled it's ability to imagine. Now every time I step out of the house unaccompanied, I nearly faint with fright at the thought of 'those we don't speak of' and other things my mind comes up with. And yes, I run to and from my destination in the dark. You can stop laughing now. It took guts to tell the whole world my humiliating, childish weakness.

(For you fans of 'The Village', YES I KNOW IT WASN'T REAL! That still doesn't ease my imagination.)

(Oh and two other movies that you should never watch- Jurassic Park in the dark, and I am Legend. I'm pretty sure you can classify those in the horror department)

Now it's your turn. We'll all just be humiliated together. Don't be shy now! 


Mad said...

Deep water that you can't see through! - River Monsters has to be the worse thing that my brothers like watching! I also hate being home alone! Me and you can be silly chickens together, girl! ;D

Bria said...

Me too! And I have this thing about the ocean. I LOVE the beach, but I can't quit imagining all the poisonous and carnivorous creatures that I've read of being near.

And as for being home alone-I pack the 40 caliber. :D

Chris said...

Hi, I'm Chris, and I'm a Coulrophobe. Clowns scare the willies outa me. I'm not sure why, but I'm pretty sure it has to do with this scene from a childhood movie, "The Brave Little Toaster"

Sarah Simpson said...

BUGS!! Beetles, roaches, spiders, dragonflies - ANY kind of bug. Scares me to death. :P Is that silly or what? :)

Joy said...

I'm terrified of deep water (whether I can or can't see the bottom) and sharks, especially after watching Soul Surfer. I guess those two kinda go together. I'm not a big fan of the dark either though. :) Being alone in the dark and the cold...something about that gets me every time. I can usually do dark in the summer though. Interesting.

Wiola said...

Bria, I used to be afraid of the dark too. I was scared for 8 years. I came over my fear, when I learned to like the darkness. I tried to associate the darkness with positive things. Darkness appears during night-time, which is a quiet and peaceful time. When everyone else is sleeping, I like to read a book in the stillness of the night. If you have to leave the house, then always bring a flashlight with you. Also if you are scared of someone hiding in the dark, then hold hard to a key (a key can work as a weapon.)

I have a bad scotopic (night) vision, which makes it hard for me to discern things in the dark. I think this might have contributed to prolong my fear for the dark. (I mean, it's scary to not be able to see.) Maybe you have the same problem?

Hannah Jane said...

I have an irrational fear of housefires, which is rather odd considering the fact that I've never even seen a house fire.

I also fear cockroaches. Seriously, I can't go to sleep at night if I know that there is a cockroach nearby. Gives me the willies, although I don't really know why. :P

Bria said...

LOL Chris I can't believe you owned up to that. But I can sympathize. They scared me to death until about ten.

Wiola, I love the night time-inside my house full of light. :) I can't see as well when I'm driving at night but I hardly think that contributes to it. Just a random funny thing about me.

Hannah, I know exactly what you mean! We could go on and on about these things!

Joy, I know what you mean too. :) (I guess I really need to work on overcoming fears. People will get to thinking I live my life in fear.)