Friday, June 28, 2013

Well...I'm Back

Hello again! While I've been away many things have happened. Life has been exciting, busy, full of change, and speaking of that, my family has grown by one! So in between writing I will be soaking in baby love! (I'm trying to figure out how to bottle up baby smell, that heavenly fragrance of soft skin and newness. Still can't quite figure it out though. :D)

As a graduated young woman, I am in a new season of life, and much of it revolves around my dear family. I'm participating in an online college course (studying Holistic Nutrition), cleaning houses as a side business, cooking scrumptious things from the Pioneer Woman, keeping up with the growing farm, and just enjoying life with siblings.

So while posts probably will not be totally regular, nonetheless I will write and would love to hear your opinion of my opinions and observations.

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Marianela said...

I love the meaning behind the names! :D

*shakes hands* Hi, I'm Marianela (Nela for short). I saw your comment on my old blog and I gotta say I totally agree with it. ;D Love your blog btw!