Saturday, August 11, 2012

Guest Post: Does it Really Matter What Music We Listen to?

 "Does it really matter what music we listen to?"

"It seems that some young people are convinced today that positively nothing in the universe matters, except, of course, that they get to enjoy their favorite entertainment. This is a very absurd and yet all-too-common case of self-centered spiritual priorities. It is for this reason that when one attempts to discuss any subject regarding biblical value judgments with many young people today, he is met with seemingly indomitable apathy.

But let not the reader think I intend to assert that entertainment is necessarily evil. In fact, far from it. Webster's 1828 Dictionary defines entertainment as "the pleasure which the mind receives from any thing interesting, and which holds or arrests the attention." Entertainment is what happens when we yield the attention of our minds to something and find pleasure in doing so. There's nothing wrong with devoting our minds to something and finding pleasure in it; the moral question is, quite simply, in what should we find pleasure? In what should we delight? To what should we give the attention of our minds for the sake of finding pleasure? What is supposed to be enjoyable to us?"
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Valerie Anny from Kanje said...

If you manage to do all your chores, and fulfill your daily responsibilities towards yourself and the people around you, I would say that you should not worry how your spend your free time. If you enjoy listening to heavy metal or silly love pop songs, then so be it. Perhaps that is what you need in order to get through the day and wake up next morning, ready to take on this new day and all the responsibilities which lie ahead of you.

I do not understand all this fear. I think young people should enjoy their favourite entertainment once in a while. That doesn’t mean they are self-centered. They are having some “me”-time in order to cope with the daily life and all the responsibilities. All people need some time to just be, relax and do nothing of importance. It’s about caring for your own mental well-being. What is supposed to be enjoyable to you, has nothing to do with what is actually enjoyable to you. You should find pleasure in what you find pleasant. This doesn’t make you immoral or apathetic.

All this talk about the rebellious world and rebellious flesh, makes me wonder what you think of non-believers. Do you think they are immoral? You need to understand that morality is a necessity for people to live together in a society. You will be surprised to learn that a lot people out there in the “rebellious world” are very compassionate and moral. (The kindest people I have ever met, are in fact atheists and not Christians.) If one actively tries to make choices that stem from the highest good, they automatically fulfill the core of what all religions mandate, regardless of which faith one practices - or not.

Anonymous said...



Please pardon my being so terribly tardy in getting back to you about this. It's fine that you went ahead and I'm honored that you'd want to use my material for a guest post. I've been closing down and replacing it with a couple of other blogs, so I hadn't been checking my comments and didn't see yours until this evening.

All the best!

Stand Fast,

Andrew Romanowitz